Thursday, December 18, 2008

Web Page Ad

Some ads I made, company work. :)
I wanna play the Silent Hill game!!!! xD Season greeting ad
I'm satisfy with how it came out. :3

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Chinese Plum
Texture I drew so I could use it in Chinese New Year content. PLS DO NOT TAKE IT, draw one yourself :P
Just some sketches for testing. I wonder peoplw will download it if I make them into handphone screensavers or wallpapers. Will you? xD
Your PC hung itself
MSN doodle, I was talking with my friend, Tsu and she said the pc keeps hanging, as in lagging.

Monday, December 1, 2008

It's been a LONG while

Kitty Practice
My kitty end up looks so evil. xD

Reference from:
Man, I still don't get used to this blog's system, it's so hassle.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Random Stupidity

I'm being stupid, days ago I opened an account in and uploaded a photo of myself. EEK! Now I'm freaking out! Why? BECAUSE HUMANS ARE CREEPY! *hides and shudders* I probably gonna abandon that account....Seriously why even a black dude email me.....=.=;; Ok, let get it over.

Then today, I almost kena saman (FYI it's get fined ) >.< But wait! I bribed the cop......shhhhh (For some thing FAIL, when I told me friends about it I wrote it as "I brided the cop"....and almost write it again on here...)) I don't have separated RM10 cash so there goes my RM50 @A@;; *whimpers and sobs* Well it's still so much better than RM300 though =_=

The reason? There is a lane that leads to 2 paths, one to the right and the other one to the left. So if you're going to the right you will stick to the right lane and turn right at the end, right? But there are so many cars on the right lane so I took the left lane like I USUALLY DID, cut all the cars at the right lane, then turned right at the end. TADA! What?! Dumb?! SILENCE!!!! Those cars are fragging slow! They deserved to be cut! xD

Lastly is some thing I found these days, it's very funny, the O RLY owl! :D You can read the facts here.
And then for the fun part!

The last pic is not working! so I put it as link. It's quite heavy so give it some time to load.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Yes! Finally done!

Calling Sunstorm
((I will explain this when I'm free, gotta sleep now!))

My friend Sunstorm was banned by her mum from signing into MSN for 1 week. >.<

Starscream(Zatnik) and I was trying to ask her to join our chat. We're like kids around the neighbourhood trying to ask her out to play. :P So that inspired me to draw this. xD

I uploaded it to my Deviantart page too, here:

On Saturday, our friend Cheklee the stewardess finally came back and met up with us after so long time she went to Singapore. :D We have our first reunion at Koyotei japanese restaurant. She brought us souvenirs from different countries! xD Later I will upload photos of them.

And another news is on Sunday, we went to Tesco to get the petrol subsidy from the post office there. Well that is the only post office open in Sunday. Me and my bro found ENERGONS! ROFL! In a gift shop same floor with the post office, there are some crystal-like plastic stones for decoration selling at there. They just totally looks like the real Energons from the Transformers cartoon :P The plastic stones have other colors too like: blue, green, and others but Energons are only pink.

We're so excited cause we never found "Energons" that so looks alike. xD Here is how they looks like:

We planned to bought some more later. We have a lots of fun playing with them. (Yeah the Transformers in our house finally got Energons goodies to eat! xD) I will upload more photos later!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

It was GREAT!

We(me, Zat and Crog, too bad Nico can't join us >.<) have a lot of fun drawing together through the Open Canvas, it was GREAT! :D
It's actually just on the night I posted the previous post, but I didn't have time to take screen shot of it after a few days when I'm free. I open them up and clean up the file(I waited hours for the drawing to load till the final stage and the program crashed for a few times <.<) I picked out and recolor some cause I drew those and it's cute! :D

This are the 3 of the doodles:
Dinner Yum
Starscream was here

And then the cute ones:
Angry Meggy
Starscream was here!
Mum! I'm flying!
OHNOES! Sunstorm was banned by her mum from MSN D: This is last night news....*cough* Me and Starscream were trying to ask her to online on MSN because we're bored...<.< and then I was inspired, we're like kids who trying to ask another kid in neighbourhood out to play. xD ((And Sunstorm said he would loves me forever if I draw it! 8D <3<3<3 ROFL))

Calling Sunstorm
So far I only finished the line art. I was planning to finish it all and sleep earlier today, but meh, it's 2:36am again.........=_=# I FAIL again, won'thaveenoughsleepagain *grumbles* gah I will quickly post this and go to sleep!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Open Canvas sounded promising

Last night my friend Zatnik trying some thing called Open canvas, some thing can draw online together. I doodle this (I like to draw furry thingie), while after that my connection went dead. LOL I didn't realize I drew my character emo again.